Where Objectivity Flourishes

Responsible By-Product & Waste Management

Taking a systems approach to managing By-Products and Waste Materials

Mining Waste for Value

Implementing Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Solutions in a responsible manner

Eco-Friendly Technologies

Deploying game changing technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions, minimize waste and / or recover value from by-products

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WTS Value: Stewardship rooted in Responsible Care®

The WTS Responsible Care Management System is the centerpiece of our commitments to sustainability as well as the development of safe and innovative technologies designed to effectively manage by-products and regulated wastes.

Enhancing the Sustainability of Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholder view encompasses, our employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, neighbors, competitors and emergency responders.

Powering A Circular Economy

Rethinking material inputs and outputs.

The Next Generation in Thermal Recovery and Destruction Technology

A low energy thermal processing and emissions control system tailored to efficiently control the fate of each element in an application.

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