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Where Objectivity Flourishes

Responsible By-Product & Waste Management

Taking a systems approach to managing By-Products and Waste Materials

Mining Waste
for Value

WTS evaluates spent, reclaimed, by-product, co-product, waste, off-spec materials and slow moving, obsolete goods or expired materials and responsibly remarkets into viable products.

Powering a Circular Economy

What are the inputs into your manufacturing process? Can a recycled or reclaimed input be utilized?

WTS Value: Stewardship rooted in Responsible Care®

The WTS Responsible Care Management System is the centerpiece of our commitments to sustainability as well as the development of safe and innovative technologies designed to effectively manage by-products and regulated wastes.

Enhancing the Sustainability of Our Stakeholders

Our Stakeholder view encompasses our employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, neighbors, competitors and emergency responders.

Exiting RCRA in Support of the Circular Economy

Alternative solutions beyond disposal for regulated Hazardous Wastes while remaining in full compliance.

Have a regulatory question? Let us help.