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Stakeholder Update – 09/2020

Powering Circular Economy: Western US Expansion: Logistics Excellence

I have three new WTS teammates to introduce: James Lotterer, Brian D’Souza and Sara Kumpf.  They join WTS in support of our vision and strategic direction to enhance our Sustainable Materials Management process which helps powers circular economy,  propel our Western United States Expansion and broaden our logistics excellence.

James Lotterer joins the WTS Sustainable Materials Management Task Force as they collaboratively work with customers and end users to responsibly use and reuse materials more productively over the entire product life cycle. Prior to joining us in 2020, James was a Compliance and Sustainability Officer for a food service company managing a comprehensive waste management program while significantly improving recycling rates and reducing costs.

Brian D’Souza joins WTS with greater than 20 years of experience in enhancing the sustainability of his customers through Waste and By-Product Management Solutions. Brian will help introduce the WTS By-Product Management Process including our three areas of impact that enhance the sustainability of our stakeholders.  

Sara Kumpf joins our Technical Services team who work everyday to safely transfer materials to the end user or end disposal facility. With over 70,000 Waste and By-Product transactions annually at WTS, Sara is a welcome addition to the team. Previously, Sara was an Environmental Scientist with a regional engineering firm. 

I am confident you will enjoy meeting and collaborating with James, Brian and Sara. 

Welcome to WTS!