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By-Product Management Process

Our objectivity is best demonstrated through our By-Product Management Process: A multi-step diagnostic methodology, transparently and collaboratively deployed with our stakeholders.

The process begins with an in depth review of all generated and produced waste and by-products.  This includes a thorough review of profiles, analytical data on waste streams, where needed sample assessment and identification of disposal alternatives, opportunities for unlocking value through reclamation, recycling, or direct material re-use.

After conducting a review of each waste stream, a small team of WTS process, waste and by-product experts, “walk the pipes” of your site to better understand how materials are generated, collected and managed.   The value is not at the end of the pipe, where materials go off for disposal. 

Our experts develop Sustainable Materials Management Solutions.  In simplest terms, we create value through direct chemical re-use or sale of slow moving, outdated, unused, damaged and slightly off-specification chemical products, by-products and categorical materials.

Zero Waste to Landfill Strategies include redesigning to eliminate waste, beneficial re-use of materials, engineered fuel solutions, waste to energy, anaerobic digestion with energy recovery, composting, and reclaim metals or other value from sludges. 

The WTS Responsible Care Management System® encompasses our network of over 400 Processors, Recyclers, Reclaimers, Technology Providers, TSDFs, Transporters and Labs.  This is the largest network of facilities and capabilities in North America.  WTS efficiently brings this network to your sites to deliver compliance, cradle to grave liability protection, peace of mind and cost savings.  All while enhancing the sustainability of our stakeholders.

Our Team of Solution Experts, chemists, chemical engineers, regulatory, compliance and environmental experts, monthly visit over 200 generator sites and third party locations across the continental United States and Canada.  They ensure compliance, help oversee and manage shipments of hazardous, non-hazardous, industrial and universal wastes, inspect and aid in the inventorying of materials in hazardous waste storage areas, check contingency plans, conduct mock RCRA audits, package lab chemicals for recycling and disposal and are project managers for large remediation activities.

LMwts – Logistics Management Waste Tracking System, takes an inside out approach to managing the logistics around waste and by-product transfers.  We developed and continue to enhance this powerful waste tracking system collaboratively with our customers.  LMwts is our hub for profiles, shipment documentation and paperwork preparation, on-site inventorying of materials, cost allocations across departments and manufacturing centers, comprehensive regulatory reporting and sustainability metric tracking.  It includes handheld technology for field reporting and tracking with secure access to all documents and date in real-time.

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