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Stakeholder Update – 02/23/2022

Adapting to Disruption

Change is an inevitable aspect of working together as stakeholders.  However, my experience in the last half of 2021 was that the change had come more rapidly and broadly than ever before in my professional experience.   It was time to acknowledge, the confluence of change was not short term, was a disruption requiring us to adapt and find opportunity in.

While uncomfortable and challenging at times, I have been impressed by our team as we navigate the disruption, and adapt by:

Recognizing the change,

confronting the reality that we are experiencing long-term shifts,

staying positive,

focusing on what we can control,

remaining non-anxious in anxious times,

while connecting and collaborating together.

What disruption am I referring to?  In our purpose to enhance the sustainability of our stakeholders through responsible management of waste and by-products, we are facing unprecedented capacity constraints, industry wide price increases and record driver shortages.  These could potentially impact compliance, service, and our sustainability journey if we are slow to adapt or pretend the change will revert “when the pandemic” is over.

This month we give our perspective and identify ways we are adapting to these disruptions to ensure we remain beyond compliance, provide exceptional service and enhance the sustainability of all of our stakeholders in the following articles:

Incineration Capacity Constraints and the Ripple Effects on the Management of RCRA Wastes

Driver Shortages and the Impact on Waste and By-Product Transportation

Escalating Prices for Transportation and Disposal of Materials