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e-Manifest Update – 04/26/2018

April 2018

WTS will continue to provide you with monthly updates on the new USEPA Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest (Effective June 30, 2018). Please feel free to contact your WTS Technical Service Representative if you have any questions on this matter. Here is a link to the official USEPA’s e-Manifest site: Click Here

As we are now on the 60 day clock for e-Manifest implementation, follows some key summary points to keep in mind.

  • e-Manifest will become effective in all states on June 30, 2018 but keep in mind that using e-Manifest in lieu of the traditional paper manifest will not be mandatory. We feel that the driver for the e-Manifest program will be the TSDF network and if they are ready to implement on June 30 or not. WTS will monitor and communicate with all of our stakeholders prior to June 30 and during the transition time.
  • What will definitely become effective on June 30 is that fees will begin to be assessed for the use of any manifest (paper or electronic). EPA has yet to set what the final fees will be, WTS will communicate that information as soon as it is known. We do know that the use of paper manifests will be the most expensive option.
  • The 6 page paper manifest that is currently in use will no longer be authorized and will be replaced by a 5 page manifest, however EPA has not yet authorized the printing of the 5 page document but is expected to do so soon. The 5 page manifest will include instructions for the top page (Page 1) to be submitted to the EPA by the TSDF’s. The agency is making allowances for the use of the 6 page manifest with edits and modifications if need be. WTS is also monitoring this situation and will advise accordingly.
  • Remember that registration for Site Managers is available in most states and WTS is encouraging that designated Site Managers do so as outlined in our March Update

As we get closer to June 30, WTS will strive to keep you updated on a regular basis and as always please feel free to contact your WTS Technical Representative with any questions you may have.