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WTS Supports a Global Plastics Treaty

This month, a United Nations Assembly in Nairobi is negotiating the terms of a Global Plastics Treaty, which if ratified could be the most significant international environmental action since the Paris Climate Accords.  This treaty aims to “address the full lifecycle of plastics and promote a circular economy”.[1]  It is widely supported by industry actors, including the American Chemistry Council (of which WTS, Inc. is an affiliate member) and NGOs.  Momentum towards the treaty increased recently when the United States announced its support of the treaty, reversing its prior position. WTS, Inc. welcomes this change in position by the United States and joins the chorus of voices advocating for a Global Plastics Treaty.

Broad and swift action is required to counteract the ever-increasing quantities of plastic and microplastic in the environment and the growing carbon footprint of plastic production.  We hope that this Treaty can provide a framework for global action on plastics pollution while helping to advance circularity in the plastics industry.