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VOC Emissions Control

  • Destruction Efficiencies >99.99%
  • Dramatically Increased Residence Time (>2 sec)
  • Targeted Temperature Control
  • Smaller Footprint, Typically <25% of Competing Traditional Technologies
  • Horizontally or Vertically Oriented Design Options
  • Control of Reaction Pathways
  • Ultra-Low NOx, CO, PM Produced
  • Extremely Effective for Persistent VOCs (Benzene, Naphthalene, …)
  • Equally Effective for Cycled or Continuous Operations
  • Utilizes the BTU’s from Vapor and Exothermic Reactions to Fuel Process Heat is Available for Use
  • No Internal Moving Components
  • Low CapEx and OpEx
  • Easy to Bolt On Other Emissions Control Technology as Required