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Stakeholder Update – 12/13/2021

Celebrating Others With Gratitude

As we experience the holiday season and enter a New Year I want to celebrate the season with gratitude. Looking back on the year brings an abundance of thoughts, memories and significant milestones for all of us.

I especially want to celebrate with gratitude three of our WTS teammates, Yvonne Anderson, Martin Gregg and Michael Verde. Yvonne retired from WTS earlier this year and Martin and Michael will be retiring from full time employment at WTS at the end of 2021. 

It is impossible to encapsulate in a few sentences the impact each has had on me personally and on WTS, our customers, our suppliers, all of our stakeholders. For 31 years Yvonne was our event planner, travel agent, do it all encourager, connecting us together and getting us home when travel plans had to be completely rearranged. In 1989, Martin became our first Technical Services Representative and quickly developed into an invaluable subject matter expert on all things RCRA, DOT and Remediation activities. Michael joined WTS in 1995 and with his combined industry knowledge, legal expertise and detail oriented nature has established a suite of Agreements for our customer and supplier relationships.

Yvonne is enjoying time as a Grandma and is busier than ever. Martin and Michael will continue to be available to us on a consulting basis for key remediation and customer activities and legal counsel. Thankfully even though they are retiring, they remain connected to us. 

Yvonne, Martin and Michael, with our Gratitude, ENJOY!