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Stakeholder Update – 11/29/2021

Hope Not Fear

Each day seems to bring a new or renewed concern. I will avoid spending many words listing the seemingly insurmountable challenges.  We all have a shared experience facing these challenges to varying degrees. 

I received this Nelson Mandela quote in a text recently: “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”

Choices made from hope not fear are courageous, future oriented and momentum building.  Fear paralyzes and freezes me. Hope sees possibility, opportunity and provides new perspective.

As we face the global challenge of Climate change, action can be taken by every segment of society. The business of chemistry allows me to be hopeful as we prioritize resource conservation through the use of alternate feedstocks, material re-use and substitution. We strive together to advance circularity through, repurposing, recycling and recovery of the value locked in materials traditionally viewed as waste. These are choices reflecting hope.

As we continue through a global pandemic, our choices can reflect our hopes by connecting in new and safe ways. Taking a moment of empathy and compassion with someone who feels isolated, to listen and encourage can restore hope for the future.

The hope of inclusion obliterates division, hate and separation. Inclusion provides the potential for greater innovation and creativity amongst us. Both are necessary to drive us through the challenges in front of us.

Finally, in the face of disruption to supply chains, driver shortages and capacity constraints, hope moves us to be planful, proactive and patient together. I am grateful to all my teammates at WTS who are working through these disruptions. Together we can anticipate future shipments and materials management needs and make the necessary plans even before materials are produced and generated.  

To my stakeholders, I commit to you choices that reflect hope not fear.