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Stakeholder Update – 11/18/22

WTS – ForTY Years

This month marks our 40th year, prompting gratitude amongst our entire WTS team.  

The rigor of our industry and the challenges we encounter and overcome together often leave us little time to pause and reflect.  Yet, when we stop and think, we cannot help but thank.  In the spirit of this season of Thanksgiving, please accept our personal thanks. 

Your commitment has made the tough times easier to endure.

Your partnership has turned the transactional into purposeful accomplishment.

Your collaboration has made us a strong and resilient team.

Your perspective is a catalyst for our continual improvement.

Your genuine care enhances our long-term relationship together.             

Your integrity has enabled us to be here for good.

Thank you!

At WTS we are convinced that adapting to change, living our values, and fostering long-term relationships has allowed us to thrive for 40 years together.  As we commemorate this milestone, we carry with us these convictions and continue to embrace opportunities together that enhance the sustainability of our stakeholders. 

Over the next twelve months, we look forward to connecting with you personally to celebrate and share our gratitude.  On behalf of Gary Hall, Michael Oliver and the entire WTS team, thank you for being an essential part of our Forty Years!