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Stakeholder Update – 09/27/2021

Super Vibrant”

“The halls are super vibrant, a true sense of renewal.” The principal, Mr. Pitek, of our middle school greeted us at the start of this school year. I had to look it up.  Super vibrant: pulsating with life, activity, readily set, responsive, sensitive.

Borrowing from Mr. Pitek, WTS is super vibrant these days:

  • We’re living Responsible Care® as evidenced by the recently completed third party Responsible Care® Surveillance Audit results.  Our animated auditor declared: Zero Major and Minor Non-Conformances!  We were set abuzz with zero and the shortest audit report on record.
  • Our corporate office is re-animated with teammates in person, collaborating, catching up, encouraging each other and catching up on what we have missed.
  • Our Technical Services team is briskly working to make the safe and compliant transfers of waste and by-product materials happen in the face of driver shortages and unprecedented capacity constraints in the marketplace. Each new released slot, and pickup stirs us on like never before.
  • Our Environmental Managers are responding with urgency, speed and safety to the bustling end of year cleanouts, inventory reviews while responding calmly to the emergency leaking containers events at third-party customer locations that occur along the way. 
  • Our Solution Developers are in motion, almost kinetically, as they seek out alternatives to landfill, drive towards zero waste goals and implement game changing by-product solutions with our customers.
  • Our critical support team helps us flourish adding capabilities and efficiencies to all our systems including our feature-rich logistics management system: LMWTS.
  • Our Sustainable Materials Management team stirs us out of the status quo with a drive towards re-use, reclamation and materials substitution activities launching our Sustainable Materials Management Portal

WTS is super vibrant, we’re excited to emerge and thrive together with you.