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Stakeholder Update – 08/30/2021

Managing Through Uncertainty

I wanted to title this stakeholders communication Thriving through uncertainty.  Confronting reality, it is truly an accomplishment to be managing through the many uncertainties we face today.  This has led us all to strive to set priorities, embrace diversity of thought, challenge our status quo, broaden our perspective, and build resilience and agility together.

At WTS we continue to adjust in real-time to driver shortages, capacity constraints and disruptions in the chemical supply chain.  I am extremely grateful to our team, who although they are already under great strain during a fluid pandemic experience, continue to provide a great experience to our customers and suppliers. They continue to responsibly arrange for the safe transfer of by-product and waste materials to the end users, processors and end disposal facilities.  Multiple times, these arrangements are adjusted due to a myriad of industry challenges and unprecedented constraints.  Yet they continue to adjust to backup plans, suppliers and facilities to ensure there is no disruption in services in an agile way.  Simply Unstoppable!

We are adapting by connecting our network of stakeholders, to excess, slightly off spec, end of shelf-life or slow-moving materials for direct use rather than disposing of materials that could have value to another stakeholder. We challenge each other to responsibly exit RCRA to power circular economy. Truly impactful activities, and we can be reminded that impact happens through caring people working collaboratively as a team with stakeholders.

This month, our articles provide updates on the incineration market backlog, current regulatory deadlines and updates around PFAS guidance.

As you read through this communication, I hope you are able to catch your breath a little, feel that you are deeply appreciated and you are assured that if we continue together we will all thrive in a post-pandemic world.