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Stakeholder Update – 08/02/2021

Safety at the Center, Sustainability In Focus

“Responsible Care® has long been the manifestation of the chemical industry’s commitment to environment, health, and safety,” this is the opening line of a recent article published in Chemweek: Responsible Care Industry’s operational ethos continues to evolve.

For those who know a little bit about me, you will not be surprised to read that I really enjoyed walking through this article.  It is chock full of key values that WTS shares as a proud Responsible Care® partner company: commitment, continual improvement in the face of industry and societal shifts, stakeholder needs, sustainability principles, stewardship and collaboration.

WTS strives to keep safety at the center of all we do with our stakeholders, employees, suppliers, customers and partners.  We share the same challenge as the FBI, firefighters, healthcare workers, researchers and scientists along with many other agencies who work tirelessly to protect and serve, that is, “how do we measure prevention?”   There is no way to quantify the great benefits of prevention, safety, preserving human health and the environment.  

At WTS, we set at the outset of our founding, Goal Zero – Zero accidents, safety incidents, zero superfund actions.   Thanks to our people and processes, we continue to preserve our Goal Zero and hold this high bar as the most important WTS Metric.  It’s our way of keeping Safety at the Center.

Further, beyond doing no harm, together we work to put Sustainability in Focus. As the above referenced article outlines, there is a lot of overlap between the sustainability initiative and Responsible Care®, including new thought processes around reducing and repurposing waste, emphasizing recycling and collaboration with other companies in the value chain. 

During the last quarter, WTS was named Responsible Care Partner of the year for the 7th time.  This prestigious award recognizes the exceptional environmental, health, safety and security (EHS&S) performance and commitment to sustainability and sound chemicals management.  Further in cooperation with LANXESS Corporation, we were jointly honored with Responsible Care’s Waste Minimization Recycling & Reuse Award.   Safety at the Center, Sustainability in Focus!

This month, we spotlight our Zero Waste Strategist Tom Stanczyk and highlight a few of our activities around Recycling, Powering Circular Economy and supporting our partners on their Zero Waste journey.  Hope you enjoy!