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Stakeholder Update – 04/19/2021

Responsible Care® Beyond the Fence Lines

At WTS we unapologetically promote the guiding principles of Responsible Care®. Included in these principles is a commitment for us together as stakeholders to:

promote pollution prevention, minimization of waste and conservation of energy and other critical resources at every stage of the life cycle of products.

This guiding principle led our WTS Team to establish customized Responsible By-Product and Waste Management systems in collaboration with our customers “beyond their fence lines.”  What activities and locations can be characterized as beyond the fence lines? Well, these could include tollers, distribution centers, warehouses, your customer sites, anywhere in the value chain where your product or by-product is. 

With the increased awareness of liability potential and opportunity for sustainability enhancements as a result of minimization of lagging inventory, we improved our management systems to include real-time data to proactively manage product that could become distressed or that, if damaged, could result in an environmental release.

Together with you, our stakeholders, we can be proud of the accomplishments in extending this Responsible Care® ethic as we seek to make continual progress around the preservation and protection of human health and the environment.

I hope you enjoy this month’s articles, largely centered around these beyond the fence line activities. In addition, enjoy “Getting to Know” our very own Taylor Page, Ph.D.  She has been central to the development of these management systems at WTS, is passionate about Green Chemistry and Environmental Excellence, and enjoys helping others explore the exciting opportunities in STEM through her involvement in the American Association of University Women’s Tech Savvy Program.