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Stakeholder Update – 01/24/2022

WTS Commitment to Supplier Stakeholders

I was curious coming into 2022, so I asked the entire WTS team the following questions:

  • Who is your favorite customer (name the person not the company)?
  • Why is that person your favorite customer?
  • How does this change your interactions with our suppliers?

Naming the person not the company is a way to reinforce the fact that, as stakeholders together, collaboration happens person to person. Our human interaction makes change and innovation possible.  After all organizations cannot interact, people do.

Sharing the WTS Team’s thoughtful responses, the following were overwhelmingly the top reasons provided for why someone is a favorite customer of ours (three tied for 2nd):

1) Values our service and commitment to compliance, health and safety

2) Challenges us to continually improve and not settle for the status quo

2) Treats me as a Partner/Teammate

2) Stays in constant communication and communicates the right details clearly

3) Respects and trusts me.

The responses reinforce the power of our human connection as stakeholders. 

With this we renew our commitment to all WTS suppliers.

As an important stakeholder for WTS we commit to our suppliers

We will:

value you,

continually improve together,

treat you as a teammate and partner not a vendor,

stay in constant communication with all the right details so we all succeed and are safe. 

This we will do while serving together with respect and trust.

To great success and well-being in 2022!