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Regulatory Update – 06/23/23

WTS has long advocated individual state adoption of USEPA’s 2018 Definition of Solid Waste Rule. We believe that this rule promotes responsible recycling and contributes to the Circular Economy by allowing for generators and others to take advantage of the ability to responsibly reclaim Secondary Hazardous Materials that would otherwise be managed as Hazardous Wastes for disposal. Not only do these reclaimed materials make a useful contribution as substitutes for raw materials, etc., but these activities can also allow relief to the overburdened waste disposal infrastructure that continues to be a challenge.

Therefore, we were extremely pleased to see that the state of Ohio recently adopted the 2018 rule. Given Ohio’s strong manufacturing base, ample opportunities should now be on the table and we hope to see other states follow in Ohio’s footsteps.

Also note that USEPA recently published an extensive Hazardous Secondary Material (HSM) Recycling Checklist which you can view by clicking here. This checklist provides guidance to both the generator and potential reclaimers. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your WTS representative to discuss opportunities or seek guidance.

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