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Product Recovery and Material Management

  • Uses Pyrolysis, Gasification and Smoldering to Fully Decompose Organic Compounds to Zero Carbon
  • Multiple Product Recovery Options
  • Heavy-Duty Systems Eliminate Rheology Concerns Allowing Maximum Product Recovery
  • Carefully controlled process parameters provides the ability to Exercise Control Over Available Reaction Pathways
  • No Direct Flame Impingement
  • Subpart X Permit, USEPA RCRA Waste
  • Multiple Temperature Zones
  • Oxygen Control Prevents Nitrogen in feed from forming NOx
    • 2NO + CO à N2O + CO2 (or)
    • N2O + CO à N2 + CO2 (etc.)

Sample Product Recovery and Material Management Applications

  • Product Left in Waste Streams for Viscosity Improvements
  • Valuable Metals from Liquids, Sludges or Solids
  • Petroleum Processes: Exempted Oil Recovery from OBHSM
  • On-Site Catalyst Processing for Metals Recovery
  • Manage Difficult Process Wastes On-Site Cost Effectively
  • Reactive or Energetic Materials
  • Viscous, Sticky, Gummy or other Problematic Material
  • Material Generated at Elevated Temperatures or that Solidify on Cooling
  • Contaminated Soil or other Media
  • Highly Halogenated or Other Corrosive Material