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Our community of Stakeholders frames our future.  The WTS Stakeholders that we seek to enhance the sustainability of: Our Employees, customers, suppliers, neighbors, regulators, emergency responders, competitors, ultimately the health and safety of all generations.


Our employees are multi-disciplined, passionate, customer focused teammates that seek collaboration.  They are passionate leaders embracing our just cause: we seek to increasingly benefit society, the environment and the economy.

Our customers care about the triple bottom line. Sustainability is their commitment while they share our values to do no harm to health and human life. Our customers are in the business of chemistry: specialty and petrochemicals, life sciences, biologics, They are refineries and complex chemical sites, research and development centers, holding companies, both public and private. Many are members of the American Chemistry Council, SOCMA and NACD. Our customers frame our future.



The combined capabilities of our suppliers are unmatched. We strive together each day with our suppliers to safely deploy our solutions going beyond compliance. We believe that our suppliers make up the largest network of waste and by-product services in North America.

Individually and collectively, the WTS team serves their neighbor. Our services are designed and implemented to cause no harm to health or the environment. Our individual talents and passions drive us to share what we have – to help and be helped. Collectively WTS creates value for society through fundraising and community commitments to help children both locally and globally.  Learn more about our serving here.



WTS was founded at the onset of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Today we serve as an extension of regulatory compliance for our clients and suppliers. We stay abreast of the changing regulatory landscape. The latest updates can be found here.

On the front lines, we provide the support, documentation and resources to allow emergency responders to perform their critical activities safely.

Emergency Responders


Yes, even our competitors. Sustainability requires collaboration with all stakeholders, including our worthy competitors. We learn from them and we are able to enhance the sustainability of our stakeholders through our continual improvement.

WTS includes all Generations in our definition of WTS stakeholders.  With current and future generations as our mindset, our just cause to increasingly benefit society, the environment and the economy takes deep root.