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e-Manifest Update – 07/26/2021

USEPA has announced the updated e-Manifest fee structure for the new federal fiscal year (2022) that will become effective 10/1/21.

The fees are as follows:

Image Upload: $20 per manifest (currently $20.00)

Data + Image Upload: $13 per manifest (currently $14.00)

Electronic: $8 per manifest (currently $8.00)

Note that the previous Mailed Paper fee of $25.00 has been eliminated as TSDF’s are no longer allowed to submit Paper Manifest Copies to the e-Manifest processing center (as of 6/30/21). Any manifest that originates (signed by the generator) on or after October 1, 2021, will be charged the fiscal years 2022 and 2023 user fee rate when submitted to the e-Manifest system by the receiving facility.

Adoption of the full electronic manifest process continues to lag. In May 2021, USEPA reported that YTD (since 10/1/20) 1,098,000 executed manifests have been submitted and only 4,000 were conducted fully electronic (0.4%)