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e-Manifest Update – 06/23/2023

It has been some time since we have sent out any information about the Hazardous Waste e-Manifest program. This is due to the fact that  both utilization and adoption of the program continue to lag throughout our industry. Sans a regulatory requirement for participation, it certainly looks like that trend will continue. As we approach the 5 year anniversary of the rollout of the manifest on June 30, 2018, consider that since the inception of the program, USEPA reports that there has been a total of 8,093,231 manifests signed through January 22, 2023 and only 0.35% of them have been transacted fully electronic! Less than 1% ! USEPA continues to take steps to encourage participation. Some recent developments include:

  • A “quick sign” feature has been added that allows generators, transporters and designated facility reps to sign the manifest while the shipment is in progress without having CROMERR signing credentials in place in external systems that have integrated with the e-Manifest API. Note that the official submission of the fully executed manifest to the e-Manifest portal by the Facility designee still does require CROMERR credentials.
  • Properly designated Site Managers for Generators and Transporters may now sign on behalf of the actual shipping rep for generators or drivers for transporters and can use System-to-System data services.
  • USEPA made a concerted effort to contact listed generators from manifests that were not registered in the program and as a result added over 12,000 generator sites that were associated with over 450,000 manifests. They are continuing that focus with generators and transporters.
  • As a side note, here at WTS we produce an average of 8,500 per year for our client base and to date we have not had one generator/transporter/facility request that we manage a shipment electronically!
  • And finally, USEPA is due to roll out a new fee structure in the e-Manifest program on or about July 1 of this year. WTS will communicate that information as it becomes available.

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