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March 2020

To Our Stakeholders,

WTS, Inc. joins together with you as we press forward to safely support Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers during this COVID-19 Response.

As a member of the critical infrastructure industry as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, WTS takes very seriously our responsibility to continue our operations without disruption.

Every WTS employee is fully engaged in our continuing services, albeit in remote work settings. Please continue to utilize the same email and phone numbers you typically use to contact us. Our WTS main phone number is fully functional and an avenue to access any WTS Team member: 716-754-5400.

Urgent COVID-19 Supplies

In Partnership with the National Association of Chemical Distributors, WTS is working to facilitate the collection of the following critical goods and raw materials: Critical Goods and Raw Materials List

If you have any of these critical materials referenced in the attachment, available in any quantity, please contact your WTS Representative or email

”Let Truckers Use the Restroom”

In response to reports that shippers and receivers are refusing to let truck drivers use their restrooms, the American Logistics Aid Network sent the following request to thousands of U.S. businesses.

Does the 90 Day Clock Apply

We have reached out to the USEPA and many states seeking guidance on the regulatory requirement around Hazardous Waste Generator Accumulation time limits. Currently these requirements remain in place. A common response from the state level we received:

”As I’m sure you are aware, this is a constantly evolving situation. As of this moment, the SC DHEC does not plan to offer any relief related to COVID 19 issues for generators regarding management of hazardous waste. If any generators do encounter issues relating to hazardous waste regulatory requirements, we do encourage the generators to document the issues fully.”

We will continue to post Regulatory updates Here