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July 2019

Here’s the latest update on e-Manifest:

FEES: USEPA has announced the new fee structure for e- manifest. These fees take effect on October 1, 2019 and are scheduled to remain the same through September 30, 2021. They are:

Manifest Submission TypeFee per Manifest
Mailed in Paper Manifest$25.00 (was $15.00)
Scanned Image Upload$20.00 ( was $10.00)
Data + Image Upload$14.00 ( was $6.50)
Electronic Manifest (Fully Electronic & Hybrid)$8.00 (was $5.00)

We can also expect the TSDF community to continue to add surcharges. The most common method of submission to date has been the Scanned Image Upload. The new fees will be assessed on any manifests with a ship date of 10/1/19 and going forward. With the new fee structure, USEPA is attempting to recover costs associated with funding the program. Funding has fallen short due to EPA receiving approximately 1 million fewer manifests in FY19 than it originally estimated when it determined the initial schedule of fees. EPA is also on record as saying that processing paper manifests is accounting for 75 percent of all e-Manifest costs. The hope is that transitioning to fully electronic manifests will reduce those costs. As we know, currently <1 % of all manifests are conducted fully electronic. WTS will continue to monitor the situation and advise accordingly. Look for the new fess on invoices for post 10/1/19 shipments.