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April 2019

Here’s the latest update on e-Manifest:

  • Widespread use of e-Manifest is still lagging. From October 1, 2018 through February 28, 2019, USEPA has processed 840,249 manifests and only 1,927 of them, <1%, were managed fully electronically (Generator-Transporter-TSDF).
  • As there is currently not a regulatory requirement for use of the e-Manifest, nor has USEPA released full functionality (i.e. third parties being allowed to prepare manifests for generators, etc.), we can expect participation to continue at miniscule levels for the foreseeable future.
  • The transportation network continues to face the same issues – widespread registration of individual drivers and electronic accessibility for drivers at generators locations. WTS recently canvassed our stable of transporters and none of them have had a single request for a load to be transported under the auspices of the e-Manifest program as of yet.
  • Generators should be accessing the e-Manifest portal to receive their executed manifest copies. TSDF’s are required to submit the executed copy to the EPA within 30 days of receipt. Generators must still retain a record of the executed manifest for 3 years post shipment date. Accessing the executed copy from the e-Manifest portal is an allowable practice.
  • As a reminder, the current fee structure is in effect through September 30th of this year and is subject to change after that date.
  • USEPA will be adding some increased functionalities in the near future.  WTS has been actively suggesting that a Search Function by Manifest Document Number be added, and USEPA has agreed to, that will allow for:
    • Users from both state regulatory agencies and industry (Generators and Transporters) will be able to use the ”Check Manifest Status” button on the dashboard to see if a manifest tracking number has been uploaded to the system and is awaiting data entry by the Paper Processing center. Query results will show:
    • Found – Manifest is in the database but it is not appearing in the individual users (Generator or Transporter) database. This could occur in an instance where perhaps the wrong EPA ID is listed. Now, the user can contact the TSDF to have them amend the manifest and reenter correctly.
    • Awaiting Processing – Manifest has been received at the paper processing center but has not actually been processed yet. The generator can know that it was received and is just waiting for the staff to enter all the information.
    • Not Found – No record yet or it has not been sent to EPA Processing Center or manifest number was entered incorrectly. Issues are being caused by generators not double checking that the correct EPA ID Numbers are correct on paper forms.