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January 2019

Here’s the latest update on e-Manifest:

  • Note that due to the Federal Government Shutdown, USEPA has temporarily ceased (as of 12-29-18) all support functions for the RCRA info portal including e-Manifest.
  • The RCRA info site, including e-Manifest, will continue to operate so access will be available but there will be no technical support.
  • TSDF’s that are submitting manifests ”electronically” to the portal should continue to do so and generators should continue to access the site for executed manifest copies but any technical/support issues will be unresolved until the shutdown is over.
  • If TSDF’s are submitting paper manifests to the USEPA processing center, the datawill notbe uploaded into the portal until the shutdown is over.
  • Contact your WTS Technical Service Representative if you are having specific issues obtaining executed manifest copies.
  • Also note that USEPA has postponed any previously scheduled e-Manifest webinars.