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July 2018

As you know, the USEPA’s e-Manifest program did take effect on June 30th. Here’s the latest information for you:

  • As expected, the transition to the truly electronic system has gotten off to a very slow start. In speaking with a number of industry stakeholders, WTS is not aware of any shipments that have taken place using e-Manifest as of yet.
  • We continue to expect this to be the case for the foreseeable future.
  • Remember, in order for the e-Manifest system to be utilized, all parties – generator/shipper, transporter and TSDF have to be registered and have the capabilities to access, view, sign and process the e-Manifest.
  • Registration continues to be an issue. We are still encouraging all stakeholders to register. Please refer to our March 2018 Update for instructions on how to register.
  • Registration will allow generators the ability to view their executed manifests in the e-Manifest portal. TSDF’s are submitting the final executed copy of the manifest to the portal for shipments received post 6/30. The manner in which they are doing so varies by the TSDF. Most TSDF’s are also continuing to transmit executed copies back to generators as well. Generators/shippers should check with your WTS Technical Representative if you have any questions or concerns on how you are receiving the executed final copy.
  • The e-Manifest fees are definitely in place and are being assessed. You should expect to see the associated fees on invoices for shipments beginning on July 1.
  • WTS will begin to transition to the new 5 part paper manifest in the near future. EPA is continuing to allow for the use of the existing 6 part form until inventories are depleted. We are currently supplying our clients with the 6 page form with the suggested modifications made to them.
  • There will be many nuances associated with the e-Manifest program as it is implemented. As full enactment becomes more realistic, WTS will continue to keep you informed.
  • You may also find all of our prior e-Manifest updates by clicking Here.