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January 2018

USEPA has promulgated the new Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest Rule effective June 30, 2018. This will represent a significant change in the manner in which you ship your Hazardous Wastes through WTS. Rest assured that WTS has been involved in this process and is prepared to help you manage the new requirement. Please note the following:

  • WTS’s LMwts system will work seamlessly with the USEPA e-Manifest program.
  • All current shippers of HW will be required to register into the USEPA e-Manifest program. Registration for Individual companies in the e-Manifest program is not yet available at this time through USEPA. WTS will advise when it is time to do so.
  • WTS will provide ”electronic signature ready” Manifests to you through LMwts.
  • Note that all federal RCRA HW’s and state regulated waste that currently require a uniform HW Manifest will fall under this program.
  • This will be a fee based program with the fees established by USEPA.
  • Fees will be paid by the regulated TSDF’s (Federal and State) and passed back to the individual manifest offerers.
  • The current proposed fee structure, at a minimum and subject to change is $4.00 per manifest for a completely electronic transaction, $7.00 per manifest if the regulated TSDF does a data upload of the manifest into the USEPA e-Manifest System, $13.00 per manifest for an Image File Upload (PDF scan) from the regulated TSDF and $20.00 per manifest if the regulated TSDF has to mail a paper copy to USEPA. This will be in effect on July 1, 2018.
  • Allowances will be made for the continued use of paper manifests but the fee structure will be punitive for paper manifests and thecurrent UNIFORM HAZARDOUS WASTE MANIFEST FORM 8700-22 will be obsolete effective July 1, 2018and replaced with a new 5 part form.
  • As this is a drastic change in operations, it should be expected that not every regulated facility or generator will be in position to comply on July 1, 2018. WTS will monitor this and will ensure that our clients will be provided with the right format at the right time.