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January 2020

It has been some time since WTS has sent out an e-Manifest update. The reason for that is that there is virtually no news to report! However, here is some information to consider:  

  • USEPA reported today that thus far this fiscal year (10/1/19) they have received 453,139 manifests into the e-Manifest portal. Of those only 1,339 (0.003%) were transacted fully electronic.
  • The majority of the fully transacted e-Manifests seem to be from universities transferring hazardous waste from one campus to another.
  • WTS is not aware of any generators, transporters or TSDF’s in our network that are utilizing the full electronic e-Manifest system.
  • USEPA has still not released the functionality that would allow companies like WTS to prepare manifests for our clients to transact electronically.
  • Further, the Hazardous Waste Transportation Network is still not equipped (tablets, smartphones, on-line access) to participate in the e-Manifest process.
  • Other facets of the e-Manifest program such as FEES, public access to records, no submission of executed manifests to the states remain in place.
  • Generators should still be receiving their executed manifest copies through the normal channels from the TSDF’s. Please let us know if that is not occurring.