The Next Generation in Thermal Technology

Our WTS’ engineered solutions development team is deploying the Next Generation in Thermal Recovery and Destruction Technology.   Traditional thermal technologies use a brute force approach, creating many undesirable emission compounds which are then emitted or require additional costly pollution control equipment.  By removing the flame front, our technology team is able to tailor the process to control the available reaction pathways.  Combined with radically increased residence time, this technology delivers ultra-low emissions while avoiding the creation of reaction compounds leading to undesirable emissions at operating temperatures well below 1000C.

The Controlled Thermal Reaction (CTR) process employs an innovative Ultra Low Reactor that can be used independently or in combination with two other process units to deliver optimum VOC and Emissions control as well as material destruction and recovery as a sustainable alternative to conventional thermal destruction.

Incineration: Traditional Approach

  • Inherently Turbulent
  • Inefficient combustion
  • NOx Creation
  • No Control over By-Products
  • Significant Fly Ash Generation
  • Product Loss
  • High Cost
  • Utilities
  • Compliance
  • Maintenance

WTS: Improved Approach

  • Laminar Flow
  • Zero Carbon Residue
  • Ultra-Low NOx
  • Reaction Pathway Control Eliminates Undesirable By-Products
  • No Fly Ash or PM
  • 100% Product Recovery Achievable
  • Far Lower Operating Costs
  • NOT considered an incinerator by EPA

Sample Applications include both Product Recovery and Material Management as well as VOC Emissions Control.